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MountainCenter brings the notification center experience from OS X Mountain Lion to iOS 5 and 6


MountainCenter is a brilliant addition to iOS, which adds the Notification Center experience from OS X Mountain Lion to your iOS device. With MountainCenter, the Notification Center is revealed with a customizable swipe from either side of the screen.
As you swipe the contents of the screen will smoothly follow your fingers, revealing NotificationCenter behind.

It features various settings, including:

  • the number of fingers required for swiping gesture;
  • which side of the screen it should appear from;
  • whether or not to stretch the banners out to full screen;
  • the sensitivity of the drag gestures;
  • and whether you want it disabled when the keyboard is visible.

In The Press

MountainCenter is great aesthetic add-on for iOS, so if you like changing the way things act or look, it’s definitely a high-quality tweak to look into.

 ~ ModMyi

the most full-featured and stable Notification Center enhancement tweak on the iPad

~ Cult of Mac

It just feels better than the default implementation of Notification Center for the iPad

~ iMore