Kyle Howells

iOS Developer

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I make things for iOS and the web. Designing and building beautiful software.

I have worked on: various iOS projects, since iPhone OS 3; server side and client side websites (such as this one); and have designed and built the control systems for several electronic devices

iOS Apps

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iOS Reverse Engineering (Tweaks)

I have had the honour of working with some very talented designers on iOS tweaks which redesign, or re-implement completely, various iOS features.

Alympus is a replacement multitasking and control center UI for iOS 7, 8 and 9. Designer Thientam Bach (@Surenix) and I worked on this project to completely replace the app switcher and control center UI on the iPhone.

Auxo for iOS 5.1: Designer Sentry posted a series of design mockups for a redesigned app switcher for iOS 5. The design went viral in the iOS world and he quickly collaborated with developers Jack Willis and JamieD360 to release a tweak for iOS 6 implementing the design. As iOS 5 was still the most popular iOS version for jailbroken devices at the time I was brought onto the project to back port the tweak to iOS 5.1; just one week after Auxo launched on the Cydia Store the iOS 5.1 compatible update was released.

SwipeSelection is a tweak which extends the functionality of the iOS system keyboard. After Daniel Hopper posted a concept video of his idea to improve text editing on iOS I saw the video and created a tweak which could recreate this across iOS. The result is SwipeSelection.

MountainCenter was a joint project between myself and developer Jonas Gessner to bring the OSX style sidebar notification center found in OSX Mountain Lion to iOS. The result was an experience much better suited to take advantage of it’s larger screen, and one which Emblem.

Emblem was my second project with Joshua Tucker. It was based on a design he had come up with to give the iPad notifications which made better use of it’s larger screen real estate. We worked together on refining the idea and I developed a tweak which replaced the iOS system notification banners with our own custom UI. A feature I am particularly proud of was the interaction usage tutorial.

Check was a collaboration with Joshua Tucker which added missing functionality to the iOS Mail app; allowing you to select multiple emails in one go, rather than repetitively selecting them one at a time.

CardSwitcher was a replacement multitasking UI for iOS 4, 5 and 6.

Embedded Systems

I have also done software development for Harvey and John, an invention and interactive design studio, where I designed and built systems to control their inventions wirelessly from custom iOS applications.

I have developed control software which runs on embedded micro-controllers and the accompanying custom iOS applications for:

Web Development

I have experience doing frontend, and backend, web development. I have worked with python, nodejs and nginx.