Spherium 1.0 Released

Spherium is designed to view and share 360 images in your Photo Library

Spherium lets you easily view and share 360 degree images saved in your Photo Library.

Spherium will automatically attempt to find the 360º images saved in your photo library from 360º cameras, drones, apps such as Google Street View, or anywhere else you have saved them from.
It looks for equirectangular images, images with a width equal to twice its height, with a minimum resolution of 1000 x 2000 pixels and lets you view and share those 360 photos.


Spherium supports taking and sharing normal FOV (field of view) snapshots of 360º images, as if you had taken a normal photo.
This is really helpful for sharing the photos with friends and posting them on social media, like Instagram.

You can take one 360º photo and then take a portrait snapshot of it, for posting as an Instagram Story or WhatsApp status, and then also take a landscape or square snapshot for use in a normal Instagram post from the same photo.

1.0 Released Now

Spherium 1.0 is out now available on the iOS App Store.


I love taking 360º group photos with friends, or of beautiful landscapes. Capturing the entire view all around me. Taking a photo, not just of me and my friends filling the cameras view, but also of our surroundings and the view all around us.

You can take 360º photos with dedicated cameras, such as the Samsung Gear 360, Qoocam 8k, Insta360 One R, Insta360 One X, Go Pro Fusion and GoPro Max; drones some drones, such as the DJI Mavic Air and Spark; or even on your phone with apps, like Google's Street View app.

360º cameras and drones usually have companion apps for the devices that support downloading and viewing the photos they take. The problem is then you end up with a photo collection split across various different apps, some in one app, some in another, and your normal photos in your phones Photo Library. Then there is also the risk the manufacture discontinues support for the app.

The apps always have the ability to save the 360º photos to your Photo Library. Unfortunately iOS does not support viewing 360º photos natively, only showing the raw stretched image itself.

I wanted to be able to save all my photos, wherever they came from, in one place and view them all. That's why I built Spherium.

Spherium 1.0 is available now